Toughened, semi-flexible, high temperature epoxy

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Application Tips

  1. Loxeal 4401 is recommended for structural bonding of a wide range of substrates in applications such as bulletproof jackets, magnet bonding, lighting, composite and metal working.
Replaces boltrivetssolderingbrazing
Available pack size 50ml,400ml,Bulk
Standards ISO, RoHS, REACH
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Chemical Composition Part A: epoxy resin
Part B: amine
Curing Mechanism Polymerization mixing of resin & hardner.
Mixing Ratio by Volume 2 : 1
Color Part A : White
Part B : Black
Recommended substrates Wood, metal, ceramics, plastics and composites.
Pot Life 10 – 12 minutes
Full Cure time 4-7 days
Max gap fill 0.1 – 5.0 mm
Shear Strength 20 – 30 N/mm²
Hardness 65 – 70 Shore D
Service Temperature -40°C+120°C (peaks up to +140°C)

Features and Benefits

Strong adhesion with high peel, cut and shear strength up to +120°C temperature with peaks at +140°C.
Toughened and semi-flexible product


  • This product has a unique formulation and provides high strength with flexibility.
  • Has low exotherm compared to standard epoxies.
  • Provides lower hardness (<70D)