Self extinguishing, conductive modified epoxy

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Application Tips

  1. Loxeal 4826 is suitable for bonding and sealing in applications where safety is priority on account of self-extinguishing properties with high bond strength.
Replaces boltrivetssolderingbrazing
Available pack size 50ml, 400ml dual cartridges
Standards ISO, DIN,RoHS, REACH
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Chemical Composition Part A : Epoxy resin based , Part B : Hardener polyamine​
Mixing Ratio by Volume 2 : 1
Color Part A : white Part B : Yellow​
Recommended substrates Metals, Plastics, Composites, Ceramic
Pot Life 15 – 30 minutes
Full Cure time 72 hours
Shear Strength 1 – 2 N/mm²
Peel Strength N/A
Hardness 50 – 70 Shore A
Elongation at Break 100 – 150%
Service Temperature -40°C +120°C

Features and Benefits

Loxeal 4826 is a modified epoxy that forms soft and flexible bond and offer very superior thermal conductivity.
Provide temperature resistance up to +120°C with peaks of 150°C
Unlike general purpose epoxy adhesives, it adheres fully to PA, ABS, PC, PET, PMMA, PI and many other plastics. Also bonds well to metals, ceramics, composites.


  • The product offers very good flexibility to bond line and thus is very good to bond dissimilar substrates.
  • Excellent impact and peel resistance.
  • The product exhibits high thermal conductivity and is suitable for thermal management and fin bonding