Low power cure plastic bonder

  1. It is used for bonding thermoplastics where appearance is important.
  2. Particularly good for PC, PET, PVC, ABS and PMMA
Replaces Solvent Bonding, Ultrasonic Welding
Available pack size 50ml, 250ml, 2litre
Standards ISO, DIN, REACH, RoHS
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Chemical Composition Urethane acrylate
Curing Mechanism Polymerization on exposure to UV rays
Recommended substrates Glass/Glass ,Glass/Metal , Transparent Plastics (PC,ABS,PMMA).
Recommended UV Waves 365 to 420 nm
Recommended Intensity 100mW/cm²
Curing time Depends on Substrate
Tensile Strength 15 – 25 N/mm²
Service Temperature -55°C to 120°C

Features and Benefits

Approved for medical use according to standards of ISO 10993 from Toxicon.
Forms flexible yet tough bondline.
Has very high elongation of 100-150%


  • Provides substrate failure on most recommended susbtrates.
  • Loxeal 30-12 shows excellent performance under ETO & Gamma sterilization process

  • For best results UV rays must have wavelength in range of 365-420 nm and light intensity of 100mW/cm².
  • Curing time depends is adhesive film thickness dependent hence must be factored in.