Low viscosity multipurpose acrylic adhesive

  1. Particularly formulated to bond metal substrates where structural strength is desired.
  2. Also bonds hard plastics, ceramics, GRP, fiberglass, wood and their combinations
Replaces boltrivetssolderingbrazing
Available pack size 50ml, 400ml
Standards ISO,REACH,RoHS
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Chemical Composition Urethane Methacrylate
Curing Mechanism Polymerization on mixing of Part A & Part B .
Color Part A : Red, Part B : Green .
Mixing ratio by volume 1:1
Recommended substrates Metals, ceramics , wood and hard plastic
Maximum gap fill 0.50 mm
Handling cure time 2 – 3 minutes
Fixture Time 6-9 Minutes
Shear Strength Steel : 20 – 24 N/mm² , Aluminum : 18 – 22 N/mm² , Zinc : 18 – 22 N/mm²
Service Temperature -40°C to +120°C

Features and Benefits

Low viscous and low odour acrylic adhesive.
Very fast curing <9min fixture time.
Can withstand operating temperature up to 120°C.


  • This product can bond a wide range of metals and plastic substrates in combination of many other substrates.
  • Its viscosity allows it to be spread easily over parts, fill holes and crevices etc. Suitable to be used on both small and large surface area.
  • It is available only in 50ml, 400ml dual cartridges hence require Dispenser and Static Mixer for perfect application.