A Pneumatic bead dispenser for 600ml sachet

Weight 0.78-0.82 kg/1.7-1.8 lbs
Frame/Barrel Length 297-436 mm/11.7-17.2 in
Maximum Thrust 1.5kN
Max pneumatic pressure 6.8bar
Handle Material Glass filled Nylon
Frame/Barrel Material Anodized Aluminium
Tool Component Approval CE, REACH
Capacity Sachets 310 ,400,& 600 ml
Standard Colour Black/Grey
Nozzle Dimension ø38mm / 1.5in
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Product Advantages

Glass reinforced nylon handle, ergonomically designed for comfort
Variable speed regulator for precise control and smooth material flow
Anodized aluminum barrel, lightweight and long life
Fitted as standard with a 6.8bar (100psi) regulator (others available)
Warranty up to 2 years

Customer Benefits

Lightweight and ergonomically formed for comfort and ease of use
Built-in silencer (less than 70dB)
Floating plunger system to minimize waste of material
Built-in air hose for safety
Gives you long worry free performance