A battery powered dispenser for 300ml cartridges and 600ml sachets.

Weight With Battery 1.65-2.53 kg/3.63-5.6 lbs
Frame/Barrel Length 237-389 mm/9.3-15.3 in
Maximum Thrust 3.5kN
Voltage 18 V
Battery Capacity 1.5Ah & 3Ah
Battery Charge Time 30min
Battery Type Li-ion
Handle Material PC/ABS
Frame/Barrel Material Anodized Aluminium
Tool Component Approval CE, REACH, RoHS
Capacity Cartridge 310 ,400 ml Sachets 310 ,400,& 600 ml
Standard Color Black/Grey
Nozzle Dimension ø38mm / 1.5in
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Product Advantages

Rechargeable 18V lithium Bosch battery
Interchangeable Bosch 18V battery
Auto-reverse function
Maximum rack speed of 8.0mm/sec
Trigger lock
Variable speed trigger
Overload shut off function
Warranty up to 2 years

Customer Benefits

More capacity, longer usage between charges
Adds convenience for users
Stops material flow when trigger is released
Gives higher material output
Prevents accidental discharge of material
For greater speed control during dispensing
Prevents damage to the tool and material container
Gives you long worry free performance