Mixpac 400ml dual component manual dispenser for applying epoxy, Methacrylate,
Polyurethane and other adhesives packed in cartridges.

Weight 1.93kg / 4.24lbs
Length 366mm / 14.4in
Maximum Thrust 6.0kN
Thrust Ratio 35:1
Tool Material Cast aluminium and reinforced nylon
Cartridge Capacity 400 ml
Cartridge Ratio 1:1, 2:1, 4:1, 10:1
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Part Number Article Number Ratio
1:1 2:1 4:1 10:1
DM2X 400-01-60-01 165807
DM2X 400-04-60-01 165808
DM2X 400-10-60-01 165809

Product Advantages

Universal conversion kits with interchangeable cartridge trays an plungers.
High thrust ratio.
Ergonomically designed.

Customer Benefits

Quick ratio exchange and use with DM2X and DP2X tools.
Easy to dispense high viscosity products.
Maximum comfort and fatigue free operation.