50ml dual cartridge manual dispenser for two component epoxy, polyurethane,
acrylic & other adhesives packed in S type cartridge

Weight 215g / 0.47lbs
Length 109mm / 4.3in
Tool Material PPO & reinforced nylon
Cartridge Capacity 50/75mL
Cartridge Ratio 1:1, 2:1, 4:1, 10:1
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Part Number Article Number Ratio
1:1 2:1 4:1 10:1
DS 51-04-00 109146
DS 51-10-00 101929
DS 53-01-00 101934
DS 75-10-00 115676
DS 77-01-00 110938

Product Advantages

Designed specifically for Mixpac BS system cartridges
High gearing ratio
One-handed operation
Warranty up to 2 years*

Customer Benefits

Easy cartridge positioning and fixation
Swift and easy to use, clean
Can easily be converted into different ratios with proper plungers.
Easily customized with customer print
Gives you long worry free performance