Solvent Free Activator for anaerobic adhesives

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Application Tips

  1. LoxealActivator-18 us used to speed up the setting time of anaerobic adhesives and sealants either on flange or threaded joints.
Available pack size 20ml+pen, 500ml, 1litre
Standards ISO,REACH,RoHS


Chemical Composition Organic chemicals in solvent
Color Green
Specific Gravity 0.97 g/ml
Viscosity 5 – 10 mPa.s
Activation effect on surface 24 hours
Shelf Life 1 year
Flash Point > +100°C

Features and Benefits

The product is solvent free.
Adhesive curing effect is obtained in 20 – 120 seconds depending from type of adhesive, gap between parts and room temperature.


  • Parts can be assembled immediately after application unlike other activators that need flash-off time.
  • Due to its low viscosity it is suitable to be used in spray form or by brush.