5min cure potting epoxy

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Application Tips

  1. EL-1061F is originally developed for potting of electronic components in various devices such as water filter control, submersible pumps, CCTV camera, auto electronic and many more. It is also widely used for bonding applications where low viscosity is required.
Replaces boltrivetssolderingbrazing
Available pack size 50ml,400ml,Bulk
Standards RoHS
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Chemical Composition Epoxy
Curing Mechanism Polymerization mixing of resin & hardner.
Mixing Ratio by Volume 1 : 1
Color Clear/Black
Recommended substrates Wood , metal , ceramics , glass , composite.
Pot Life 5 – 7 minutes
Full Cure time 12 – 18 hours
Max gap fill It can fill large gaps.
Shear Strength > 2,100 psi
Hardness > 70 Shore D
Service Temperature -269.15°C to +120°C

Features and Benefits

EL-1061F cures rapidly in 5minutes and develops tenacious bond strength.
Fully transparent bondline and self levelling.
Minimal shrinkage upon cure and very good chemical resistance properties.
Offers serviceable temperature range of 4K (- 269.15°C) to +120°C.


  • Useful for prototyping and repair situations, where faster cure is desirable.
  • Product is available both in bulk and small cartridge


How to use EL 1061F for potting and encapsulation applications

EL-1061F is a two component 5minute curing epoxy system suitable for potting, bonding and sealing applications. It has an easy 1:1 (Part A: Part B) mix ratio by weight or volume. The product is transparent, self levelling and cures in about 15-20 minutes after application. Upon polymerization EL-1061F offers superior electrical insulation.