Structural and toughened 1:1 methacrylate adhesive for metals, plastics and
composites in a bonding.

  1. Used to bond internal components in industrial fans
  2. Bonding of Step assembly and bumpers in bus assembly
  3. Bonding of Nacelle assembly in wind applications
Available pack size 50ml, 400ml, bulk
Standards ASTM, ISO, REACH, RoHS
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Chemical Composition Methyl Methacrylate
Curing Mechanism Polymerization on mixing of Part A & Part B .
Mixing ratio by volume 1:1
Color Off White and Black
Pot Life 10-20 minutes
Handling cure time 30-45 minutes
Shear Strength 22-25 N/mm²
Service Temperature -40°C to +100°C

Features and Benefits

Crestabond M7-15 is formulated to structurally bond most metals, thermoplastics and composite substrates.
Primer less application. No pre-treatment required.
Replaces mechanical fastening and plastic welding.
Excellent performance on zinc coated and galvanised surfaces.


  • Exhibit moderate elongation and high strength.
  • The product needs to be refrigerated during storage between 5°C to 8°C.

  • Product should never be frozen in storage.