A spray dispenser for 600ml sachet

Weight 1.24-1.47 Kg/2.7-3.2 lbs
Frame/Barrel Length 347-445 mm/13.7-17.5 in
Maximum Thrust 1.45 kN
Max pneumatic pressure 6.8bar
Handle Material Glass filled Nylon
Frame/Barrel Material Aluminium barrel
Tool Component Approval CE, REACH
Capacity Sachet 310ml,400ml & 600 ml
Standard Colour Black/Grey
Nozzle Dimension N/A
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Product Advantages

Glass reinforced nylon handle
Variable speed regulator
Fitted as standard with a 6.8bar (100ps
Built-in silencer (less than 70dB)
Warranty up to 2 years

Customer Benefits

Ergonomically designed for comfort
For precise control and smooth material flow
Easy adjustment between bead and spray
Lowers the noise level
Gives you long worry free performance