A 300ml manual cartridge dispenser

Weight 0.67kg / 1.5lbs
Frame/Barrel Length 271mm / 10.67in
Maximum Thrust 1.5kN
Mechanical Advantage Ratio 10:1
Handle Material Glass Fiber Reinforced Nylon
Frame/Barrel Material Epoxy Coated Steel
Tool Component Approval REACH
Capacity 310 & 400 ml Cartridge
Standard Colour Blue/Grey
Nozzle Dimension ø26-ø31mm / 1.02-1.22in
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Product Advantages

Erogonomically designed handle for comfortable use
U-opening rotating steel frame for ease of cartrige insertion and removal
Curved rod end for convenient tool and support and storage
Plated metal components increase the resistance to part corrosion
Warranty up to 2 years*

Customer Benefits

Lightweight highly durable
Surface hardened catch plate and rod design maintains heigh material output
Wear compensation sleeve for increased durability
Smooth trigger operation
Rotating frame to help follow contours
Gives you long worry free performance