A 300ml manual high powered dispenser

Weight 0.90kg / 1.34lbs
Frame/Barrel Length 243mm / 9.57in
Maximum Thrust 4.5kN
Mechanical Advantage Ratio 25:1
Handle Material Epoxy Coated Aluminum
Frame/Barrel Material Anodized Steel
Tool Component Approval REACH
Capacity 310ml
Standard Colour Blue/Black
Nozzle Dimension ø26mm / 1.02in
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Product Advantages

Epoxy coated aluminum handle designed to accommodate high load requirements with ease
Anodized steel rotating frame – copes easily with high forces
Cartridge straps for secure location
Curved road end creates convenient tool support and storage
Warranty up to 2 years*

Customer Benefits

Hardened and metal plated parts to increase corrosion resistance
Versatile easy to use with high viscosity materials
Fast efficient sealant dispensing
Powerful 25:1 trigger ratio for easy application
Automatic wear compensation, for long tool life
Gives you long worry free performance