medmix® (formerly Sulzer) Cox 380ml Coaxial adhesive dispensing gun.

Weight 1.1kg / 2.3lbs
Length 181mm / 7.1in
Maximum Thrust 3.5kN
Mechanical Advantage Ratio 18:1
Tool Material Handle Material: Epoxy Coated Aluminum ,
Frame Material: Epoxy Coated Steel
Cartridge Capacity 380mL
Cartridge Ratio 1:1, 2:1, 5:1, 10:1
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Product Advantages

High power 18:1 mechanism.
Reduced risk of fatigue.
Compact coaxial frame.
Robust steel frame.
Warranty up to 2 years*.

Customer Benefits

Less force required.
Increased productivity.
Higher volume for repetitive applications.
Locates cartridges securely to maintain ratios.
Gives you long worry free performance.