Medical equipments such as ventilators, oxygen generators, regulators and oxygen pipelines handle pure oxygen for life saving applications. Leakage in these systems sometimes can be the difference between life and death, hence manufacturers must rely only on the best when it comes to sealing pipe fittings and threaded joints that enables transfer of gaseous oxygen.

Unlike sealing atmospheric air (containing only about 21% oxygen) which can be achieved with a standard anaerobic thread sealant, handling pure oxygen is a challenge that demands special properties. Pure oxygen is a highly corrosive gas and most thread sealants are reactive enough in contact with pure oxygen making the seal unstable over a period of time leading to leakages.

While a dope or a PTFE tape are cheap to use, they do not form reliable joints in dynamic applications. Designers must be careful to recommend only an oil free PTFE tape for oxygen lines. A PTFE tape is generally appropriate only for tapered threads and normally do not seal parallel threads effectively. Overuse or misapplication of thread seal tape can be a potential hazard. Excess application of tape can create joint stress and premature part failure. Also, internal overhangs of loose PTFE may constrict a joint and form a foreign body that could jam a valve seat or filter. Therefore, use of tape as a thread sealant is generally not considered appropriate in critical systems. Overheating and subsequent decomposition of PTFE can produce toxic substances, inhalation of which even for a minute can be fatal.

That’s why Loxeal 58-11 is a preferred choice for designers who are looking for a pipe sealant that is compatible with oxygen line. Loxeal 58-11 is an anaerobic thread sealant approved for use with pure gaseous oxygen up to 10bars and 60°C as per BAM 1432/95 4-755.

Being an anaerobic thread sealant, Loxeal 58-11 cures only when it is in the absence of air and presence of metal ions. Due to its oxygen safe formulation, it does not exhibit the instability that a normal anaerobic thread sealant would have when in contact with pure oxygen. This forms a superior pipe joint sealant that is chemically inert and is ideal for use on breathing apparatus, oxygen pipelines, air separation units and oxygen plants.

Other advantages of Loxeal 58-11

  • While tightening of pipe joints and fittings, Loxeal 58-11 works as a lubricant allowing easy assembly and even stress distribution across fittings.

  • It not just seals but also provides resistance to vibrating joints.

  • Unlike PTFE tape Loxeal 58—11 does not degrade or shred and it eliminates the risk of loose particles clogging valves and strainers.

  • One of the biggest advantages of Loxeal 58-11 is its ability to set the desired position to a fitting without over stressing the joints or fittings.
  • Whenever required, Loxeal 58-11 can be disassembled using normal tools

  • It is thixotropic and non-migrating where applied.

Loxeal 58-11 is also approved for Gas (DVGW, DIN-EN 751-1), high pressure gas and GLP (AGA-5048) apart from being approved for use with potable water (WRC). Provides perfect seal under dynamic conditions both in NPT and BSP fittings.