Automotive battery packs used for electric-mobility applications consist of a large number of individual battery cells that are interconnected. Busbars are the backbone of these battery modules. Busbars are conductive metal strips or bars used to carry electricity from battery modules for distribution throughout the EV/HEV.

The general practice of assembling busbars with frame is through mechanical fastening, however, this approach poses multiple challenges that designers must consider. Typical difficulties faced are:

  1. The fasteners tend to loosen frequently under dynamic load and vibrations.
  2. Thermal changes cause differential expansion rate leading to operations and safety concerns due to fastener loosening.
  3. Individual busbar assembly takes long time impacting productivity.
  4. Fasteners also tend to add weight and increase possibilities of corrosion affecting performance and battery life.
  5. The screws must be torqued accurately which is not always practical due to variables involved. Over torqueing can damage plastics while under tightening can lead to loosening.

The other approach is to adhesively bond both the substrates using Elixir’s rapid cure EL-1061AO epoxy adhesive. The results generally are astonishingly different.

  • Structural bonding with Elixir’s EL-1061AO epoxy adhesive proves permanent, eliminating any loosening, damage or safety concerns.
  • Assembly time reduces significantly suiting the mass production requirements of EVs.
  • Weight reduction improves performance and efficiency.

Overall, bonding the busbars not only improves performance and reliability but also reduces the cost of assembly. Naturally, customers are more inclined to make the change from fastening to bonding with EL-1061AO epoxy adhesive on account of benefits gluing offers.

Elixir’s adhesive technologies are formulated to meet the wide range of EV/HEV applications and protect batteries from mechanical shock and vibration to make them more durable, assist in cooling to improve efficiency, extend life and increase safety. The features of these adhesives are formulated to meet unique specifications.

We offer our adhesive technologies for reliable and cost-effective solution which can help EV manufactures to improve mechanical, electrical and overall performance, durability, safety and reliability of electric vehicles.

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